Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Is Big Boys Spoiling Hard Earned Money of Retail Investors because of Credit Rating Agencies?

In this Year We got First Resolution in BFSI industry by NCLT.

We are talking about Dewan Housing Finance Corporation (DHFL), India's biggest home loan mortgagee before July, 2019.

Its asset were in the tune of 1,00,000 crores.

In a few months its rating was downgraded from 'AAA' to 'D'.

Retail investors who have invested their hard earned income in the company NCDs and FDs were in shock. Same investors invested in the NCDs because of Credit Rating Provided by Rating Agencies (one of prestigious agencies).

Now these retails investors were on hope with another prestigious agency NCLT, But all in vain.

Now One Corporate bidded for another defaulter corporate and offer to pay appx 33% of Loan Value and other deposits. NCLT approves and these big boys enjoys. Any recoveries from NPAs, Stock Value marked only Rs 1. It made Double loss to investors who also have Equity portion in DHFL.

Retail Investors can watch the news only. 

Real game has been Played by Big Boys viz Piramal, Wadhwans of DHFL, NHB, NCLT, Credit Rating Agencies, Renowned Politicians and Petitioners.

Retail investors is still alive on hope.

Friday, April 24, 2020

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Post Graduate Program in Life Insurance

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Post-Graduate Program in Life Insurance with HDFC Life, is one of the best choices to kick-start career in the financial services sector.

Selection Criteria: Online Test & Personal Interview


  • Fresh Graduates or Final Year candidates who are going to complete graduation before May'19.
  • PAN Card mandatory to apply. If not available apply online and provide ref no.
  • Max Age - 30 (As on 01/Apr/2019)
  • Good Command on Regional Language & English Language.

  • 100% guaranteed Job: Start your career in insurance with India's leading corporate - HDFC Life right after course completion
  • Get a PG certificate in Insurance form HDFC Life & Upgrad
  • Earn while learn, get a paid internship (INR 1,10,700/- stipend) with HDFC Life during the program.
  • Joining at Home Location
  • Hiring across all India. So candidate from any location can apply.

This will be a 1-hour Aptitude Test conducted online by HDFC Life with questions on Arithmetic, English Language, and Logical Reasoning

If you have any questions- please reach out to us at +91- 97179-38004

Affiliate Upgrad - PGPLI
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

CFA - Salary & Compensation

If you look into the brains of students who are pursuing CFA Program with all their might, we will see one thing common. They have an immense urge to earn big.

  • CFA is not an exam that can be passed by anybody. Even CFA shouldn’t be pursued by everybody. It’s a very tough-nut to crack and to pass the exam, you need to let go of your weekends and any left-over relaxation in weekdays (we assume that you’ve been working full-time with an organization).
  • Most people jump in to pursue CFA exam without doing proper research. They just go with the flow. But if you’re someone who wants to pursue CFA, you need to check the data before you take the plunge.
  • In this guide, we will try to investigate whether CFA is the right option for you if you’re looking for a hefty amount at the end of the day.
  • To be precise, we will answer one question – “Is CFA as valuable as it seems (of course in terms of compensation)?”

CFA Top Employers:

According to the statistics of June, 2014, it was found that the top occupation after completion of CFA is of Portfolio Manager. 22% of all the members go for Portfolio Management. After Portfolio Management, the second top position is taken by Research Analysts (15%). Then gradually Chief Executives (7%), Consultants (6%), Risk Managers (5%), Corporate Financial Analysts (5%), Relationship Managers (5%) and Financial Advisors (5%) take their respective places.
  1. JP Morgan Chase
  2. PwC
  3. HSBC
  4. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  5. UBS
  6. Ernst & Young
  7. RBC
  8. Citigroup
  9. Morgan Stanley
  10. Wells Fargo
As per the industry, here are the average salary details of CFA holders in India –(It can be clearly seen that in India the compensation of CFAs is not at all up to the mark.)CFA salary
It may seem that in India, the compensation of CFAs is lowest, but if you consider the cost of living in India, the compensation is quite high in comparison with the other professions. In this section, we will look at the future and would try to see how much employment market will increase in terms of percentages.